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  • What will I get with an EU trademark?
    Your business in the EU will get solid grounds - you will be granted with 10 years of EU-wide monopoly right on use of your trademark in relation to the registered goods or services. In other words, you can be as sure as possible that your business identity will be reserved for you only and that you would be able to prevent any competitor from using it for himself without your permission. The registration can be renewed repeatedly.
  • Can I do without an EU trademark?
    Yes, you can do without an EU trademark. However, registering an EU trademark gives you exclusive rights in the EU, which is valuable in protecting your business and brand. With an EU trademark, you can prevent other businesses from using your brand name or logo in the EU, and you can also take legal action against any business that infringes on your trademark rights. As opposite, without an EU trademark your business identity is not protected and thus you could potentially lose rights to it, be forced to rebrand or even suffer a significant financial lost. Therefore, registering your intellectual property as an EU trademark is highly recommended.
  • What is your registration success rate?
    We are proud to have registration success rate of 94% (based on total statistics). Check our stats here.
  • Why should I choose you as my EU trademark attorney?
    As opposite to large global, often AI, trademark registration services providing only very basic legal support and minimum of individual consultations, we are a small firm focusing on comprehensive, pro-active, made-to-measure service for affordable prices. We are persuaded that to maintain proper quality of service client must always have straight approach to trademark attorney himself (i.e., not to supporting staff or AI only). Related consultation must be unlimited (since trademarking is a vivid process that should not be limited in advance). Trademark attorney must personally look after all steps related to trademarking process and finally lawyer should never transfer his duties on client (we will, for example and as opposite to competitors, never ask you to draft list of Nice classes to register - it is our job to draft it with full expertise, unless you want it otherwise in a specific case). Finally, we have the unbeatable registration success rate of 94% :-) .
  • Is your SEARCH & ANALYSIS really comprehensive?
    Our SEARCH & ANALYSIS is as comprehensive as possible. It includes inter alia visual, aural and conceptual identity/similarity assessment, assessment of descriptiveness/lack of distinctiveness, analysis of registrability and risks, search report using paid license MARKIFY ProSearch tool, success rate estimation and unlimited amount of related consultations. What is NOT INCLUDED is search for earlier rights i) based on non-registered trademarks or ii) based on priority rights from non-EU areas (it is because these searches are technically not possible to be entirely covered).
  • Why are you not providing free search as some other services do?
    To provide you with accurate and reliable search results is not possible without extensive investments both time and financial. In other words, we must first get search reports using paid license of professional researching tool. Subsequently, a licensed attorney at law with extensive experience must work usually hours to analyse the search report as per several criterions to provide you with comprehensive overview of risks and suggestions on their mitigation, all with his legal liability. Such process obviously cannot be done for free. That is why you will probably find out that the "free search" services only provide you with simple information about (non)existence of identical earlier trademark registered for identical goods or service, which however is extremely insufficient information for decision on any further steps and can be even misleading, which is why we are not providing it.
  • Can I go straight to EU trademark registration (i.e., skip the SEARCH & ANALYSIS package)?
    The SEARCH & ANALYSIS is not obligatory, i.e., you generally can skip it. It is however highly recommended to conduct it since the SEARCH & ANALYSIS provides you with the broadest possible overview of risk of you case plus with practical suggestions on how to mitigate such risks. Please, bear in mind, the without the SEARCH & ANALYSIS we cannot be liable for any obstacles in the proceedings or even whenever after it (in case of conducting of the SEARCH & ANALYSIS we are liable for any obstacles in the proceedings about which you have not been informed or for inappropriate suggestions). It means that the SEARCH & ANALYSIS will save your money and mitigates insecurities both within the proceedings and after it.
  • Can EU trademark be transferred to another person or company?
    Yes it can. Do not hesitate to contact us for trademark transfer arrangements.
  • How much is EUIPO official fee?
    Official fee for an application to the EUIPO is 850 EUR/1. class of goods or services, plus 50 EUR/2. class of goods/services, plus 150 EUR/3. and each next class of good or services.
  • When must be the EUIPO official fee paid?
    The EUIPO official fee must be paid in 1 month after application date (date of filing the application) to preserve the original application date.
  • Is there any possibility to decrease the EUIPO official fee?
    Yes, please, check EUIPO´s SME fund grant if you have your sear in the EU.
  • When will I know whether I will be granted with the registration?
    The proceedings usually take 4-5 months if there are no objections filed. However, your trademark is conditionally protected already from the application date (day when your EU trademark application was submitted to the EUIPO).
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